Michelle Tarakihi Stewart

Granddaughter of Papatūānuku (Mother Earth), craftswoman, mother, sister, daughter, artist, wildling and so much more. I live in the foothills of the Otway Ranges, Victoria, Australia, with my partner and our two beautiful little girls. We live in a small cob cottage, sculpted with our own hands and feet from the Earth, deeply rooted in this wild, gentle land where I was born and continue to grow.

I grew up with a deep respect for our Earth instilled in me by my parents who practice regenerative farming on the land. I spent most of schooling in the art room painting the biggest canvases I could make, engrossed in the process of manifestation. I see the magic of the bridge that hands and paint brush make between the spiritual realm and this dimension.

A craftswoman graduated from the Four Seasons Journey with the School of Shamanic Womancraft, a deeply interwoven space of nourishment and power-full women. I tend to the wild parts of my soul. My red thread, the blood of my mothers, traces itself back to my Maori roots. Through this work, I honour the red thread in all women and the deep knowing of our entanglement in the old wild ways.

I am devoted to the re-connection of our human tribe to Mother Earth, through the sharing of deep cyclical wisdom, creating art and ritual as a wild prayer for this remembering.

We are all indigenous to the Earth.