Goddess Art

The Dark Mother

of Winter Goddess

A prayer in art form for the reconnection and re-membering of our deep cyclical nature. Mother Winter symbolizes Mother Earth at winter solstice deep in the stillness of the womb, the void, preparing to give birth to the sun as the longest night and shortest day pass and the days begin to grow again.

Calling Down

the Moon:

Menarche Goddess

This piece is intended as a rite of passage ritual, a prayer for the healing of our menstrual cycle and a beauty filled way to honour your Menarche, your Maidenhood time of first blood.

Homebirth Goddess

A prayer in art form for all women to return home to an empowered birth. For all women to have the right to birth within a space as safe and sacred as the home of the WOMB. For all women to trust in their bodies ability to birth.

Blessing the Way Goddess

A birth blessing ritual. Blessing the way for mumma’s and bubba’s as they stand at the altar of birth. May they know deep trust and power in this sacred rite of passage.

Fine Art Prints

The original artwork was created with watercolours, a feather quill and ink.

Printed with Archival Pigment Ink on beautiful Cotton Rag Paper. Made from a by product of the cotton industry.

Prints will be posted in a rigid cardboard mailer to keep it flat and safe from damage.

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